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Masterton's first thriller is, to say the least, quite unusual.
Set in a competitive world of racing cars and World Land Speed records, it recants the story of Bradley Winger whose ambition was to achieve the record, but who died in the attempt. With his death he left the legacy of failure. In order to vindicate this, his son, Clay attempts to do the same by driving the newer, deadlier model, the Fireflash 5. Clay has one problem however: Someone out there remembers his father only too well and because of a series of events buried deep in his mysterious past decides to attain retribution.
Well plotted and worth reading if only because it's one of Masterton's rarest books.



A state of emergency is declared across America as a new strain of bacillus sweeps across the nation with alarming speed and devastation - a combination of bubonic and various other plagues caused by incorrect disposal of the nation's waste products. There is no known antidote.
When the President informs the nation that it's their duty to protect disease free zones, that's exactly what they do. The book then turns into a war between those who are infected, those who aren't, and those who think everyone else is ... the result is nothing short of a blood-bath.



A journalist is caught up in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a random killer when his father and girlfriend are killed. After investigating he uncovers a further ten people with nothing in common - except that they all appear on The Sweetman Curve, a graph invented by a corrupt university professor which can predict medical life expectancy within a three year bracket.
Unfortunately the graph has fallen into the hands of the wrong people, one of them being a corrupt senator who has powerful financial backing.
A fast paced, violent and erotic thriller well worth tracking down.



The Kansas grain crop is the first to fail; then the Californian fruit harvest is affected. Before too long the whole of America is in total panic as food supplies dry up and the worst side of human nature is quickly revealed...
'What happens when the richest nation on God's earth is driven to the outer limits of starvation?' So runs the blurb on the paperback edition of Famine. An extremely fast read, packed with violent incident; in turn powered by mounting hysteria. The best of his disaster novels - Masterton shows the terror of impending starvation and its effect on the populace at large. Unflinching in its depiction of the things people will do when they're desperate - and as horrific as any of his supernatural novels.



A scorching, edge-of-the-seat thriller executed in explosive fashion. Based around a proposed Russian take-over of America Ikon poses some devastating political problems, particularly the assassination, resignation and disgrace of some of her presidents - with the implication that they had known about the secret all along.
Ikon is a brutal thriller, a horror novel, a steamy sex book and a political guidebook, all rolled into one. With action from page one this one won't disappoint the author's many fans.



The central theme of this book is the take-over of America by another military super power, Germany, utilising as its subject an incident that occurred during World
War 2.
In 1944 A German plane crash-landed in Concorde, New Hampshire. It remained buried until ten year old Bernie decided to go riding. In uncovering the plane he unleashed upon the world a deadly laboratory engineered virus, powerful enough to threaten the life of every man, woman and child on mainland America.
Masterton intricately connects Britain, America, Russia and Germany utilising an economical and powerful narrative to weave his fantasy. The most frightening point about the book is the fact that something like this could quite possibly have happened.



In what appears to be a follow up to Ikon the author asks examines some frightening political scenarios with dire consequences for all concerned. The plot centres on the redefining of America and Russia's spheres of influence - the Soviets withdrawing their interest in Cuba, and the US troops pulling out of Europe. There can only be one answer for the people of western Europe and that fate is summed up in the title.
Sacrifice contains Masterton's trademark elements: violence, sex, shocks and surprises; it is also gripping from start to finish.



When Micky Frasier made the snap decision to save Dr Lugner's life, he never believed the consequences could be so horrific. As he learns more about the men who are after the doctor, the death toll mounts and Micky is dragged into a deadly game that he can't control. (amazon.co.uk)



Conor O'Neil, security director of a large Fifth Avenue store witnesses a fatal robbery for which he is wrongfully arrested. Going on the run, he discovers the loot is to fund something unthinkable yet all too possible. His efforts to avert worldwide disaster take him on a terrifying journey. (amazon.co.uk)



This is a new thriller from the master of suspense. When ageing Hollywood stuntman Noah Flynn finds a strange medallion, with what appear to be ancient cuneiform markings, in the wreckage of a plane off the cost of Gibraltar, little does he suspect that he has set in motion a chain of events that will have disastrous, and violent, consequences for him and those around him. When Noah consults his ex-girlfriend, jewellery designer Jenna, and movie producer Mo Speller, both encounter the same gruesome fate, and Noah himself is soon warned off with the mysterious words 'Chaos and old Night'. When the Arabic would-be assassin of aid agency diplomatic representative Adeola Davis turns out to have been wearing a similar medallion, she and Noah join together to discover what this can all mean, as the death toll continues to rise...(amazon.co.uk)

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