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Welcome to the news section of the site. I aim to update this page as often as possible as soon as relevant information becomes available to me. So, please send your snippets of Masterton-related news this way. I will also consider using reviews of the author's books written by the fans, as well as photographs that you think Graham's fans might wish to see. These might include photos taken with the man himself, pictures of your bookshelves, articles you've written or any other miscellaneous items you think this site might benefit from displaying. Please contact me with your proposals. I look forward to your contributions.

The Polish publishers Replika have acquired the rights to Graham's disaster novel Famine and also his classic horror novel Mirror. Famine cover below:
Famine - Polish cover
Here's a new cover for the Polish (Albatros) editon of Ghost Music.
Ghost Music - Polish cover
This is the website of Dni Fantastyki (Fantasy Days) which Graham will be attending in Wroclaw, Poland between July 7 - 9.

Also from Graham: 'I hope my Greek readers will be pleased to hear that I have signed contracts for the following books to be translated and published in Greece: Broken Angels (the second thriller about Katie Maguire); Scarlet Widow (the first 18th century crime thriller with Beatrice Scarlet); and The Wells of Hell (a horror story with a strong Lovecraft influence).'

A member of Graham's Polish fan club Michal Dlugoszek has composed music to illustrate Prey.
From Graham: 'A new article in Gala, the Polish edition of the European celebrity magazine. I am doing my best to look very celebrated and moody.'

To read the interview pages (in Polish language only) at full size please click on these links: page 1, page 2.

Gala magazine pg 1, 2017Gala magazine pg 1, 2017
From Graham: 'The presentation of prizes for the Graham Masterton "Written In Prison" Award for 2017 will be presented at Wolow prison, Wroclaw, on July 5 at noon. The winner will receive an engraved plaque and a hamper of goodies. The runners-up will receive certificates and hampers. Every one of the 127 other inmates who entered will receive a personal letter of thanks and consolation and a souvenir pen.

'From July 7 - 9 I will be attending the Dni Fantastyki (Fantastic Days) Festival in Wroclaw.'

Written In Prison logo
From Graham: 'I have just read the stories submitted for the Graham Masterton "Written In Prison" Award in Poland. It is going to be so hard to choose the best because they are all amazingly good and original. I am beyond impressed, and gratified too that the inmates of Poland's prisons now have a way to express their feelings to the world outside their cells. I will be able to share the best with you after the prizegiving ceremony in Wroclaw which should be taking place in two or three weeks' time.'

Also, here is a Polish blog about Graham's Written In Prison Award. Google Translate should help with this!

Written In Prison logo
From Graham: 'The Apostrof Literary Festival in Poland was amazing. I visited Katowice, Krakow and Warsaw, giving talks at Empik book stores and ending up by signing books at the Warsaw Book Festival and giving a talk in the festival's main theatre.

'Over 300 people turned up to the book festival to have their books signed, and there were a lot of pretty young women who wanted a kiss and a hug which is one of the bonuses of being an author!

'My Polish Fan Club stunned me by giving me a book of seven horror stories Remember Me which they had written themselves, translated into English and had printed as a glossy paperback book. They also gave me a wonderful basket with vodka and beer!

'The weather was warm and sunny, the food was wonderful and even the girl at the check-in desk at Warsaw Chopin Airport asked for my autograph. I was extremely reluctant to leave but I shall be going back in June to present the prizes for the Graham Masterton "Written In Prison" Award prizegiving.'

Remember Me - Fan Club bookPolish GM fan club Polish GM fan clubWarsaw book fair queue Polish GM fan club
From Graham: 'I have just received my copy of Graham Masterton: Le Faiseur D'Histoire (published by L'Harmattan in France) and I have to say that it is quite extraordinary. This man Christophe Roussellier has been asking me questions by email for years but I never guessed what he was up to. It's a critical assessment of how I have twisted history to create plots for my novels ... such as Ikon which suggested that President Kennedy gave in to the Russians at the time of the Cuban missile crisis and America has been secretly run by Russia ever since. And The Hell Candidate in which the Republican hopeful for the Presidency was possessed by the Devil (Is all this beginning to sound horribly familiar?).

'But here we have it ... 384 pages including detailed lists of all my major characters and analysis of my plots. Christophe knows more about me than I do! I think he deserves a medal, or at least a statuette of Satan! I am hoping to have it published soon in English.'

Faiseur D'Histoire
Here's a new interview with Graham by David Kempf of Masters of Horror.
Here's a sneak preview of the next Katie Maguire novel, Dead Men Whistling. Preorder your Kindle edition here.
Dead Men Whistling cover
From Graham: 'The tour of the libraries in East Riding went very well. The audiences were incredibly friendly and I had a great time talking to them. I visited HM Prison Holme House and talked to the inmates there about writing and tried to encourage them to do some writing of their own. I also visited York Explore Library where these pictures were taken (me with Gosia a Polish reader and Michelle) and finally had a very well-attended meeting at Beverley Library.'
GM with MIchelle, May 2017GM with Gosia, May 2017
This is the forthcoming schedule for Graham's meetings with readers for the Apostrof Literary Festival.

May 18th 6:00 pm EMPIK Bonarka, Krakow
May 19th 6:00 pm EMPIK Silesia, Katowice
May 20th 12:00 noon book signing on Albatros bookstall (nr 54) at Warsaw Book Fair
May 20th 8:00 pm Powszechny Theatre (main stage) Warsaw

This is the cover of Blood Sisters in Czech, which will be published later this year by Host.
Blood Sisters - Czech edn. cover
The Sleepless is now published by Festa Verlag in German.
The Sleepless - German edn. cover
From Graham: 'I have just been sent this pic from RTE's Today Show in Cork, on the sofa with Daithi O Se and Maura Derrane.'
Today Show, Ireland 2017
New interview with the Greek website Nyctophilia added to Interviews page.
Scarlet Widow is £0.99 in Amazon UK Kindle's Spring Sale. A sequel The Coven will be published later this year. More details as we have them...
Just in from Graham: 'This is the notification for my visit to the Beverley Library, Hull, on May 4.'

Graham Masterton

Beverley Library - Thursday 4 May - 6.30 to 8.30pm

Beverley Library are proud to welcome Graham Masterton, who is ever popular and particularly noted for his work in the horror genre. In recent years Graham has been developing his 'Katie Maguire' series of crime novels, his latest two being Dead Girls Dancing and Living Death. For adults aged 16 years and over. Disabled access is available at this venue. Booking is essential as places are limited.

Tickets for this event cost £3.00 and are available to purchase in person at the library, alternatively you can call us on (01482) 392699 or book online.

Ruby Robinson

Manitou Blood will be published by Head of Zeus on August 1. Here is a teaser.
From Graham 'My Twitter friend Becki has had a sleeve tattooed with scenes from my horror novel Charnel House. She says she is going to have the Native American demon Coyote tattooed on her back later this year.'
Becki - Charnel House tattoos
Entries for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award in Poland have now closed and we have an incredible 113 stories. These will be translated over the coming month and Graham will be making the final judgment for a presentation of prizes in June.
Written in Prison Award
Opening chapters from Descendant (which Graham has entitled 'Screechers') add to Fiction section. You can purchase and download the e-book version by clicking here.
Here is the cover of the Polish (Albatros) edition of Buried, which is published on May 10.
Buried - Polish edn. 	cover
From Graham: 'With two days to go before the closing date, entries for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award for the inmates of Polish penitentiaries have topped the 100 mark, which has exceeded everybody's expectations.

'Starting on April 1, the entries will all be translated so that I can choose the one which I consider to be the best, as well as two runners-up. The prize is a souvenir plaque plus a hamper of goodies. 'Special thanks to Marcin Dymalski and Rebis publishers and everybody else who has helped to make this award a reality.'

Written in Prison Award
Black Angel, Death Mask (aka The Painted Man), Edgewise, The Chosen Child, Heirloom, Ritual, Prey, Rook and Tooth & Claw and Snowman are the titles announced so far by Head of Zeus as they publish Graham's backlist as new digital books.

They will be available in May and June, and there are more on the way. For direct links to each and to view images of the digital editions, head to the horror section of Ebooks and Audio Books.

Here's an interview with Graham in Sat 25's Irish Independent to coincide with the publication of Dead Girls Dancing.
From Graham: 'I sent the money I raised from auctioning print-outs of my books to the Dom Dziecka children's home in Gorce, near Strzelin in Southern Poland. My only condition for this donation was that it should be spent on the children enjoying themselves.

'Accordingly they were taken to an ice-rink and then to a sweet factory, (shades of Willy Wonka!) and this is the heartwarming message I received from Agnieszka Tekiela the director of nursing and education':

I warmly welcome,
On February 24, 2017, during the winter holidays, we left with the kids on their trip - on the ice rink. Children and adolescents are eager to skate, are brave and learn quickly.
There were 17 children: 10 from the Children's Home in Górce and 7 from the Children's Home in the Polish People's Republic. After a great fun on the ice we showed the kids a nearby candy factory - the kids made their own cotton candy, saw candy making, made lollipops for themselves. Attached are photos that show how much joy accompanied the children during this trip.
We have also reached a collection of books by you. As they always pull from the first page, they capture their story and style. Thank you!
Agnieszka Tekiela

Further pics can be viewed on Graham's Facebook post.

Dom Dziechkachi Childrens Home picDom Dziechkachi Childrens Home picDom Dziechkachi Childrens Home picDom Dziechkachi Childrens Home pic
Graham will be in Krakow on May 18, Katowice on May 19 and Warsaw on May 20. Full details of when and where will be posted when received.

It is for a promotion by Empik the leading bookstore chain in Poland called 'Apostrof' (Apostrophe).

From Graham:'I am very pleased and gratified to have had a progress report on the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award short story contest for inmates of Poland's prisons. My friend Marcin Dymalski in Wroclaw tells me that the number of entries has doubled in a month and that some stories are accompanied by drawings. I have yet to see them because they are all in the hands of the Polish Prison Service, but Marcin predicts that this contest is going to be "huge".'
Written in Prison Award
The winners of the Prix Masterton 2017 have been announced.
Graham has accepted an invitation to visit Menetrol in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes district of France on September 23 and 24 for their literary festival Les Aventuriales de Menetrol.
The March issue of Jeani Rector's Horror Zine is out now, including a story of Graham's called 'Reflection of Evil'.
Here is Graham's interview on the Today Show with Maura and Daithi, which is Ireland's most-watched daytime entertainment program. You can skip to minute 51:00 if you just want to watch Graham's bit (or 49:00 if you want to know why he makes a remark about cauliflower.)
Here's an interview with Graham from last week's The Sunday Business Post, Dublin.
In Graham's words: 'This the cover for the Russian edition of Prey. I think it's great. So threatening! I'd buy it myself if I could understand Russian and I hadn't written it myself!'
Prey cover - Russian
More and more entries are coming in from the inmates of Poland's prisons for the Written In Prison contest. This is Graham's latest publicity.
Graham will be in Cork on Wednesday, February 22, to talk about Dead Girls Dancing on Ireland's No.1 daily TV entertainment program, the Today Show with Maura and Daithi. Also to have a chat with Caroline Delaney of the Irish Examiner.
Here's a link to an article about Written In Prison Award that appears on the Global Voices website.
In Graham's words: 'Great way to start the week! The arrival of my trophy and diploma from the National Fantasy & Horror Club in Bulgaria for being elected Author of the Year.' Congrats Graham!
Bulgarian trophy for GM, Feb 2017
Solitaire will be available as an ebook from Monday from Ipso Books. Railroad will be following shortly after.
Solitaire - Ebook cover
Click here to view Graham's appearance on Irish TVAm on the morning of 9 February 2017.
An encouraging review of Dead Girls Dancing from The Sunday Times Book Club.

It is published as a hardback on Thursday, as well as Living Death in paperback.

'Masterton does not hold back with visceral descriptions of the damage bad people can inflict on each other, on innocent victims and even on animals. But the violence is never gratuitous, even as it piles pressure on Cork detective Katie Maguire to work out who torched a studio, killing an entire Irish dance troupe, and how it might be connected to a resurgence of crazed political extremism.'

Graham will be in Dublin on Thursday February 9 to promote Dead Girls Dancing.

These are the live interviews he will be doing:

10.10 live interview on Ireland AM breakfast TV with Sinead Desmond & Mark Cagney
11.35 live interview with Pat Kenny Newstalk national radio

And also two newspaper interviews:
12.30 interview with Catherine Healy for Sunday Business Post. Photos here too.
14.30 interview with Irish Daily Mail.

Head of Zeus will be publishing the following 'classic' Masterton horror novels on June 1, 2017. They are all available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle. The preorder links are below:

Ritual, The Chosen Child, Black Angel, Death Trance, Unspeakable, Tengu, The Sphinx, Death Mask (aka The Painted Man), Prey, Spirit, Edgewise, The Heirloom and Walkers.

Graham has also received a diploma for being Author of the Year from the National Fantasy & Horror Club in Bulgaria.
GM Bulgarian Diploma, 2017
From Graham: 'I am delighted to say that I have been named Author of the Year by the National Fantasy & Horror Club in Bulgaria - the first horror author ever to do so. The award ceremony was held at the House of Culture in Sredets on Saturday January 28 but regrettably I could not get there! However my friend Alexander Draganov (in the long coat) kindly accepted it on my behalf. Thanks to all members of the club ... much appreciated!'
GM Bulgarian Award, 2017
'Thanks to all of my Polish friends who sent me this amazing birthday card!'
GM Polish birthday card
Weldon Burge of Smart Rhino Press is crowdfunding a third Zippered Flesh anthology. This is the link.
Here's a new link to comment on the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Contest.
The Katie Maguire thriller Taken For Dead has just been published in the Czech Republic.
Taken For Dead - Czech cover
Read Spirit Jump, a new story added to the New story added to the Fiction section. Harry Erskine has given up fortune-telling and is living happily in Manhattan with Karen and their daughter Lucy ... but will Misquamacus ever leave him alone?
From Graham:'Invitations to prison inmates in Poland to enter a short story for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award have been sent out to all 15 regional inspectorates of the Prison Service and further to all 87 prisons and 37 external units. There are 71,000 prisoners in Poland so I am looking forward to a fair number of entries!'
Written in Prison Award
A new thought for the New Year from Graham: 'I was fascinated by what the computer scientist Steve Grand said in his book Creation: Life And Howe To Make It:

"Think of an experience from your childhood. Something you remember clearly, something you can see, feel, maybe even smell, as if you were really there. After all you really were there at the time, weren't you? How else could you remember it? But here is the bombshell: you weren't there. Not a single atom that is in your body today was there when that event took place. Every bit of you has been replaced many times over (which is why you eat, of course). You are not even the same shape as you were then. The point is that you are like a cloud: something that persists over long periods, while simultaneously being in flux. Matter flows from place to place and momentarily comes together to be you. Whatever you are, therefore, you are not the stuff of which you are made. If that does not make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, read it again until it does, because it is important.”

'Inspired by that, I wrote this poem for a good friend of mine.

You are not the same person I first met
In Kraków, on that hot afternoon in summer.
But then neither am I.

We can remember the wine and the laughter
We can remember the girls dressed up as fairies
But we weren't there

None of the atoms that made us what we were
Remain in us now - they've tumbled away
Like dust on a breezy day.

New atoms have gathered on our bones
So that we look and think the same
But we are ghosts, in a way -

We are memories of what we were that afternoon
And next time we meet, we will have changed again
Our skin renewed, our hair, our hearts

But even though you'll look at me with different eyes
I'll still see what I saw that summer afternoon
For ghosts remember everything, until they die.'

A feature about the Graham Masterton 'Written In Prison' Award was published this week in the UK's Polish-language newspaper Polish Express (along with, in Graham's words 'a frighteningly young picture of me!').
From Graham: 'We have had the first response to the press release about my "Written In Prison" contest in Poland. It appeared today on the largest Polish literary site Booklips. Here is a translation for those not fluent in Polish!'
From Graham: 'I am pleased and excited to announce that the first week in January will see the launch of the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award, the first national literary contest for inmates of Poland's prisons.

'I came up with the idea after visiting Wolow maximum security prison near Wroclaw near Wroclaw in October last year. The prisoners were all very well-read and interested in my books and in writing in general. In fact they were one of the most enthusiastic audiences I have ever had.

'Below is an English translation of the design for the plaque for the winner. And here is the press release that is being sent out to the Polish media, and the letter which I have written for every entrant. Also below is a picture of my meeting with Robert Kuczera, the Warden of Wolow.

'If this contest turns out to be successful, I will consider launching a similar contest in the UK and Ireland.'

GM in Poland 2016Written in Prison Award
From Graham: 'My publishers Head of Zeus are giving away free copies of White Bones for Christmas, plus discounts on other Katie Maguire thrillers.'
Hozmas - Head of Zeus, Christmas 2016
From Graham: 'Happy Christmas to all of my friends who have visited my website this year. You have been so warm and enthusiastic and supportive that 2016 has been a really great year for me - and all thanks to you. Thanks also to Matt Williams for running the website so well. I hope you all have a wonderful time with as much food and as few arguments as possible!'
This is a promo for Smart Rhino's anthology Zippered Flesh 3, which includes a story by Graham.
The site is now the proud owner of a new message board. Leave new messages for Graham and share your love of his books on the board. Don't be shy and don't be a stranger!
Just in from Graham: 'Rather belatedly, I have been sent a short video of my visit to Sobotka in Lower Silesia.'
First off, if you click on Guestbook on the home page, you'll see the all-new guestbook. Please leave messages for Graham to read. He always appreciates them.

Secondly, there's a new contact email page. I've had to suspend previous contact pages because the site was being spammed to death. Hopefully the new contact page will allow you to send me site-related messages that I'll do my best to answer in a timely fashion. You can access the contact link from both the home page (bottom of the page) or from the top right email image on all other site pages.

Best of all is the new ebooks/audio books addition to the bibliography. It's something I've put off for lack of time, but we live in the digital age now - I myself only read ebooks nowadays - so it was about time I listed all of Graham's digital editions. The fruit of my labours can be accessed by clicking on the Ebooks and Audio Books link on the bibliog page. Have fun ordering Kindle and audio books!

You may have noticed a problem with the message board recently. I've emailed support (which is in Greek, believe it or not!). If the problem isn't resolved soon, I will instigate a new message board in its place. We have had the current version for 15 years now after all. Maybe it simply can't post another single message without imploding ;)

Let me know what you think of the changes, and thanks as ever for your support.

Today is publication day for the Kindle edition of Dead Girls Dancing.
Dead Girls Dancing (Katie Magiure) cover
From Graham: 'After a gap of 13 years, Marc Bailly has revived Phenix, the leading Belgian magazine of fantasy and horror. The first issue is devoted to my favourite subject (me!) with additional features about Frederic Livyns, one of the winners of the Prix Graham Masterton for best French-language horror novel of the year, and additional new short stories by a variety of French-language horror writers. It also includes my stories "Beholder" and "What The Dark Does" (both in French). Congratulations to Marc and everybody else involved.'
Graham and Phenix magazine, Nov 2016
Living Death has been given a new cover by Head of Zeus for its paperback release in February 2017.
Living Death PB cover
In Graham's words: 'This is an interview I did with Dawid Muszynski of VOX Music TV in Warsaw.

'Excuse my florid complexion ... the day before I went on this promotion tour I had a fight with a rose bush in my garden, and lost!'

Plague of the Manitou will be published in paperback on November 30 at £12.99.
Plague of the Manitou PB cover
Quite an entertaining review of Living Death from the Irish Examiner. Also a feature on Graham from the Saturday 5 November edition of the newspaper.
This is video of Graham's recent visit to the Empik Bookstore in Warsaw.
A new interview out today in Les Rebelles, a French online magazine.
In Graham's words: 'I have just received copies of the first three Katie Maguire novels from my Polish publishers Albatros.

'Ebooks sell in their tens of thousands, but there's nothing like the smell and feel of an actual book!'

Katie Maguire books (Polish)
Just for today (October 26) US readers can buy The Manitou from Early Bird Books for only $1.99.
The Manitou - ebook cover
Here's a short video of Graham's recent visit to Wolow maximum security prison to talk to the inmates and local librarians.
This is a link to a video of Graham's recent visit to Wroclaw and surrounding towns.
New interview with Graham added to Interviews page.
We all know how much food plays an important part of Graham's novels. Well today we have 3 recipes from the man himself, for your delectation. Click on each recipe link below and start stirring on low heat:

Beef In Soy Sauce, Chinese Country-style Stew and Malaccan Devil Curry. Enjoy!

Here is a link to Graham's interview in Warsaw for Zet Chilli Radio.
Here's a shot of Graham's TV interview for Dzien Dobry in the abandoned psychiatric hospital south of Warsaw.
Dzien Dobry pic, 2016
Graham is back after six days travelling around Poland, giving interviews and signing books. He did an interview in an abandoned lunatic asylum for TVN and also met with the inmates at Wolow maximum security prison, which, in his own words 'was fun!' This is a link to a (Polish language) YouTube interview. And here's the (Polish language) Dzien Dobry (Good Morning) TV interview in an abandoned mental hospital south of Warsaw. The patients were either shot during World War Two or sent off to the concentration camp at Treblinka.
Below are selection of pictures from his visit. For more pics (with captions), see Graham's Facebook page.
GM in Poland 2016GM in Poland 2016
GM in Poland 2016GM in Poland 2016
These are the posters for Graham's visits to Wroclaw, Brzeg, Sycow, Sobotka and Warsaw.
Warsaw poster 2016Brzeg poster 2016Sycow poster 2016
Sobotka poster 2016Wroclaw poster 2016
Fear magazine has been relaunched and Graham is featured in the latest issue, out in the first week of October.

He is flying to Poland on September 29 and will be the host of a TVN television documentary as he visits haunted houses in Warsaw.

His schedule so far is a live interview on Dzien Dobry (Good Morning) television on September 30 followed by a signing at the Empik Junior Bookstore at 18:00 that evening.

On October 1 he is going to the Silesian Book Fair in Katowice, and signing books at the Rebis Publishing stand from 16:00 - 17:00

On October 3 Graham is going to Sycow for meetings and signings.

On October 4 he will be in Wroclaw for more signings.

There are other meetings and signings - more details as we have them.

Fear magazine, feat. GM
Check out Polish Eva Bittern's Facebook called Masterton Polska.
From Graham: 'A couple of souvenir pictures from my visit to Leipzig over the weekend to meet and greet the readers of my German horror novels (and Katie Maguire novels too).

'I met my German horror publisher Frank Festa and his wife Inge for the first time in the flesh, so to speak. They have many exciting plans for reviving my backlist and publishing new books in German, including the Katie Maguire series.

'The two girls are my new friend Nici (on the left) and Anja (on the right).'

Frank Festa and wife IngeNici and Anja
From Graham: 'This weekend I shall be attending the Glaserne Mensch horror get-together in Leipzig, and then on September 29 I shall be going to Warsaw for a book signing at the Empik Junior Bookstore on Marszalkowska Street at 6:00 pm, followed by a visit to Warsaw's Horror House, accompanied by the winners of a prize draw to be held at the bookstore.

'On Saturday morning I shall be appearing on Dzien Dobry (Good Morning) Television in Warsaw, and then catching a train for the Silesian Book Fair in Katowice. After that I shall be going to Wroclaw for more book signing, and then back to UK on October 5.'

Der Glaserne MenschWarsaw Poster 2016
If you can read Czech and would like a copy of the horror anthology Za Tebou (Behind You) (which features a story from Graham), it will cost you 200 Czech Koruna (CZK) which is about £6.25. You can order it from info@goldendog.cz or howardhorror 666@gmail.com.
Za Tebou (Behind You) - Czech cover
This is Frederic Livyns, the winner of the latest Prix Masterton for best French-language horror novel:
Prix Masteron 2016 winner
Some tasty Katie Maguire ebook deals start today:

A September Sale of Living Death from Kobo (ANZ) from September 1 - 8.
A Labor Day sale of Living Death from Kobo (USA) from September 1 - 5.
A Scribd sale of White Bones from Scribd Selects (USA) from September 1-30
And a Kindle Monthly Deal of Living Death from Kindle (India) from September 1-30.

More deals on the way soon!

New interview with Graham by Grey Matter Press added to Interviews page.
Replika are publishing Unspeakable in a second edition in Poland with a new cover. The Polish title is Niemy Strach (which means 'mute fear').
Unspeakable - Polish cover
In Graham's words: 'My Belgian friend Marc Bailly has revived the best French-language horror magazine Phenix and the first issue will be out in November ... horribly near now!

'It will be both print and online and I will be able to give subscription details later.'

Phenix magazine cover, Nov 2016
From Graham: 'Any readers who find it difficult to imagine the Cork accent in which all of my characters in the Katie Maguire crime novels speak might find this film trailer for Peter Foott's new film The Young Offenders helpful. Peter Foott directed the notorious but hilarious video for the song 'Horse Outside' by the Limerick singers Rubber Bandit (who always wear plastic shopping bags on their heads). This new feature film is set in Cork City and West Cork and is already garnering praise for being both funny and true.'
In Graham's words: 'The year is flying by! The most recent issue of The Bookseller has the Editor's Choice of Paperbacks for November, with what they call "potential festive treats." To be published in paperback on November 3 is Scarlet Widow, with the following review:

"First in a new series set in the 18th century, following the life of Beatrice, an apothecary's daughter who marries a preacher and emigrates from London to America, where she finds herself investigating a series of crimes in 1756 New Hampshire. From the young twins struggling to breathe to the pigs found dead with pieces of broken mirror in their mouths, the crimes are attributed to the devil, but the scientifically-minded Beatrice isn't convinced by the occult explanation. Fun, fresh and intriguing."'

Scarlet Widow PB cover
Just in from Graham: 'I shall be visiting Warsaw on Friday, September 30 and signing books at 6:00 pm at Empik Junior bookstore Marszalkowska 116/122.

'My Polish publishers Albatros are inviting readers to suggest what other activities they would like to see during my trip to Warsaw. A lottery in which the prize is dinner with me? Or a selfie session? There will be a reward for the most interesting suggestion. Send your suggestions to Piotr Pocztarek who runs my Polish website.'

For today only (August 7), the Katie Maguire thriller Taken For Dead is a Kindle Daily Deal.
From Graham: 'Out from Bloomsbury Reader on August 16, a real actual papery paperback! I wrote House Of Bones as a Young Adult novel but so far most Actual Adults seem to have found it scary enough!
House Of Bones (Bloomsbury Reader)
From Graham: 'I'm not at all surprised by some of the negative reaction that JK Rowling had to the publication of the Cursed Child script. Play and movie scripts are totally different from novels. I have some great friends in Hollywood who are brilliant script writers but I would never attempt one - I like to play God and control the weather and the sounds and the smells and the internal thoughts of my characters - not simply give instructions to a director and a cast of actors who will all have their own concepts of how the story should be told.

'Much more than that, characters in novels take on a real life of their own, and after I have created them they no longer belong to me, the writer, but to you, my friends and readers, and even in a strange way to themselves. Harry Erskine is alive and well and living in Florida, and still telling the fortunes of wealthy old ladies, whether I am writing about him or not. Jim Rook still drives to his community college every morning to struggle with his classes of dummies, and his cat Tibbles is still waiting for him crossly when he comes home. Sissy Sawyer is still predicting the future in Connecticut. John Dauphin is still sitting in his favourite restaurant pouring gravy over his crunchy fried chicken, and wondering whether he will ever again be summoned as a Night Warrior. As for Katie Maguire, I almost feel that I can meet her for a drink in The Ovens bar in Cork to talk about her latest case.

'This is the alternative reality that JK has mistakenly shaken by publishing the script of Cursed Child. From all of the reviews, it sounds as if the play is terrific, but she should never forget that Harry Potter, like Harry Erskine, now has a life of his own, and has made friends that she doesn't even know about.

'Excuse me ... I have to go. Harry's on the phone. What the hell does he want now?'

Anyone who feels like an epic read for the summer can now get Graham's Australian saga Corroboree on Amazon Kindle. A corroboree is a traditional Aboriginal gathering of deep mystical significance, and this novel tells how white explorers come into bloody conflict with native magic.
Corroboree - Kindle edn.
Here's a link from Open Road books advertising Graham's The Devil In Gray (excerpt and a chance to download the book).

Katie Maguire seems to be very popular down under. Blood Sisters is No.1 in the Australian charts at the moment, and Buried is No.3.:
Blood Sisters coverBuried cover
Coming on September 28, the Polish edition of the Katie Maguire thriller Blood Sisters.
Blood Sisters - Polish cover
Graham will be attending Der glaserne Mensch sci-fi convention in Leipzig, Germany, from September 16 - 18.

A beautiful paperback edition of Lady Of Fortune is published by Bloomsbury on July 28. Available from Amazon.
Lady Of Fortune
From Graham: 'I have seen my neuro consultant and he has provisionally diagnosed a slip disc. It is probably the most agonising pain In have ever experienced in my life.

'I will be having a CT scan this afternoon and seeing the consultant again tomorrow. Very sadly my attendance at HorrorCon is completely out of the question. I can barely walk three steps.

'I can't believe my rotten luck in having this condition this week ... the first time I would have been able to do a signing in the UK for years. I suspect Satan may have been involved.

'Please also convey my regrets to all attendees at HorrorCon, and to its organisers.'

From Graham: 'Just arrived from my French publishers Bragelonne a copy of Descendant as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations, and a beautiful red simulated-leathery-bound copy of Le Diable En Gris.

'More good news, though. Victory is yours, Valerie Dufourd and all of those readers who supported her Facebook site. Today, July 1, I have signed contracts with Bragelonne for ebook editions of 16 of my books in French, including The Manitou, Family Portrait, Night Warriors, Walkers, Wendigo (Edgewise) and The 5th Witch. Also, I have signed contracts for a French-language edition in volume and ebook form of the first Katie Maguire novel White Bones.

'I cannot adequately express my thanks for your efforts for your support and your determination to see my books published again in France. Next time I am in Paris, the drinks are on me! I must also thank Editions Bragelonne who are brilliant publishers and good friends.'

Descendant (French) and Le Diable En Gris
Fire Spirit (ebook edition) will be promoted by BookBub to US horror fans at only $1.99 from June 23 to July 7. The ebook will be available at this price through the following US eVendors: Amazon, Google Kobo and Barnes & Noble.
Fire Spirit - Kindle
From Graham: 'The photographer Sam Soursas has sent me a picture he took of me and Catriona MacColl at the Bloody Weekend in France. Catriona has appeared in many movies in Europe, including Hawk The Slayer, Afraid of the Dark and Horsehead.
Graham and Catriona MacColl, The Bloody Weekend, France 2016
Graham has just received copies of the Festa Verlag edition of White Bones, so he is running a contest for an autographed copy. See his (German) message below:

'Hier ist ein kurzer Wettbewerb für die deutschen Leser. Die erste Person, um diese Frage zu beantworten gewinnt richtig eine neue Kopie der Bleiche KNOCHEN der erste Roman in der Reihe mit Detektiv Katie Maguire. Ich werde die Kopie für den Sieger unterschreiben . Die Frage ist: Was haben Sie in Irland tun Sie das Geschenk der fließend Gespräch zu geben? Senden Sie Ihre Antwort auf manitouman1@yahoo.com. Die erste richtige Antwort bekommt das Buch!'

Katie Maguire - White Bones (German cover)
Below is sneak peak at the cover of Dead Girls Dancing (Katie Maguire 7). Note that this may not be the final cover. Very Irish though, don't you think?
Katie Maguire - Dead Girls Dancing cover
Three Mastertonian classics - Charnel House, The Devils of D-Day and The Hymn - are now available on Amazon Kindle, published by OpenRoad Media. To read an extract of Charnel House, click here. These are the new covers:
Charnel House ebook coverThe Devils of D-Day ebook coverThe Hymn ebook cover
Buried (Katie Maguire 6) will be a Kindle Monthly Deal on Amazon USA for the month of June 1.
Katie Maguire - Buried cover
Just in from Graham: 'Living Death, the new Katie Maguire thriller is published tomorrow (June 1).

'Meanwhile I have visited France for the Bloody Weekend Fantasy Film festival in Audincourt.

'I met Nicholas Vince who played the Chatterer in Hellraiser; John McNaughton the American movie director who made Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer; Jack Sholder who directed A Nightmare On Elm Street 2; and Catriona MacColl the horror movie actress; among other writers and movie critics.

'The hall was crammed with horror books and scary T-shirts and life-size models of Freddy and zombies and other ghoulish characters. The atmosphere was amazing and very friendly.

'We judged 22 short films, some live and some animated. The winner was a film called Quenottes about a rapacious mouse which was like a tooth fairy and pulled your teeth out of your mouth while you were still conscious. Personally I preferred a film called La Fille Bionique about a bionic girl and her ghostly companion but I was outvoted!'

1) Graham and John McNaughton
2) Living Death
3) Jack Sholder and Graham and Nicholas Vince,
4) Graham and Catriona MacColl

Graham and John McNaughtonKatie Maguire - Living Death cover
Graham, Jack Holder and Nicholas VinceGraham and Cartriona MacColl
Part two of a new interview with Graham by This Is Horror addded to Interviews page.
The new Katie Maguire short story The Drowned will be published on Kindle on August 1.
Katie Maguire - The Drowned (short story) cover
Coming on June 7 on Kindle ... The Devil In Gray in its first UK publication..
The Devil In Gray (Kindle) cover
Taken For Dead has just been published in the USA by Trafalgar House and this is a very pleasing review from Examiner.com.
Katie Maguire - Taken For Dead cover
The next Katie Maguire book Living Death will be available on Amazon Kindle on June 1.

It's now available for pre-order.

Katie Maguire - Living Death cover
From Graham: 'The artist and sculptor Philippe Dumont has sent me from Belgium a copy of the trophy that is presented each year to the winners of the Prix Masterton for the best horror fiction published in France.

'Le Prix Masterton was started by my friend Marc Bailly in 2000 and is now in its 16th year, featuring some of the very best of French horror and fantastic literature.'

GM and Le Prix Masterton award 2016
White Bones is published today in Poland by Albatros.

It was originally published in Poland by Rebis, under the title Katie Maguire but Albatros have been publishing all the subsequent Katie Maguire novels and they have now brought this first novel into their series.

White Bones - Polish cover
Graham has just been told that Broken Angels is top of the Australian Kindle charts at No. 1 and Red Light is close behind at No. 3. Congrats Graham, and a big thanks to all his upside-down readers!
Broken Angels cover
Part one of a new interview with Graham by This Is Horror addded to Interviews page.
Tickets are now on sale for HorrorCon 2016 for which Graham is one of the guests.
Albatros in Warsaw will be bringing out a new edition of Broken Angels on July 1. This is the new cover:
Broken Angels - Polish cover
Charnel House and The Devil In Gray will be published as ebooks on June 7 2016. These are the new covers:
Charnel House ebook coverThe Devil In Gray ebook cover
The Russian online horror magazine Darker has celebrated its fifth anniversary and have published Graham's short story 'Camelot'.
The 5th Witch is included in Amazon Kindle's Monthly Deal for April at only £0.99. Click here to purchase it.

Congrats also to Graham for reaching no. 1 in the Amazon Horror Bestsellers. Screenprint below:

The 5th Witch ebook
The 5th Witch ebook - screenshot no. in Amazon horror bestsellers
This is the Czech cover for Taken For Dead which will be published in August:

Czech cover of Taken For Dead
Rebis in Poland will be re-publishing Ritual on May 24. This is the new cover:

Polish (Rebis) cover of Ritual
This is the online advertisement for the Bloody Weekend which Graham will be attending in Audincourt, France at the end of May 2016:
Bloody Weekend, 2016, France
Albatros have posted a teaser for the Polish version of Taken For Dead. Read it here.
Taken For Dead - Polish extract pic
Just added to the Fiction section, a Penthouse Article - which was commissioned by the Daily Mail when, in Graham's words 'Playboy stopped featuring nudes. They didn't run it, in the end, because something else came up (to coin a phrase!) although they paid me for it.'
New blog interview with Graham added to the Interviews page.
Just in from Graham: 'My son Luke will be boxing for charity at The Brewery on May 26. This is his message':

'Morning all ... I have decided to support The Tadworth Children's trust for my Fight Night charity. This is a charity local to me. They take care of children. with brain damage, and it is heart-wrenching. It offers local people the chance to use their facilities in order to raise extra money. My daughter was taught to swim there by the selfless staff who dedicate their lives to these less fortunate children. Any money that you can spare in order to help their love and kindness continue will be greatly appreciated.'

Luke Masterton, Fight Night Charity event, 2016, UK
Here's the poster for HorrorCon 2016 in Rotherham, UK on 9th and 10th July 2016 at which Graham is a guest:
HorrorCon 2016, Rotherham, UK
White Bones was originally published in Poland in 2002 by Rebis under the title Katie Maguire.

Now the rights have been acquired by Albatros who are publishing the rest of the series, and they will be bringing out White Bones in the Polish language on May 11:

White Bones - Polish cover
Graham's friend, Marc Bailly has just announced the winners of this year's Prix Masterton. This award is now in its sixteenth year.

Graham will be attending as well as on the jury of the Bloody Weekend in Audincourt in France between May 27 - 29. It's an international festival of fantastic film.

Graham's horror novel, The 5th Witch is being published by Canelo. Click on the ad below for more details:
The 5th Witch ebook ad
Graham has a new story 'The Greatest Gift' appearing in Grey Matter's new anthology Peel Back The Skin. Click on the ad below for more details:
Peel Back The Skin collection ad
Scarlet Widow will be published on April 7 2016. This is the full hardback jacket, front and back:
Scarlet Widow - double page HB cover
Check out the Fiction section to read a sample of the fourth Manitou book, Manitou Blood.

Festa Verlag are publishing the first Katie Maguire thriller White Bones in German ... and this is the first time we get to see Katie's face!

White Bobes - German cover
The 5th Witch which was only originally published by Leisure Books in the United States in 2008 will shortly be re-published. More as it happens...

This was the original LB cover:

The 5th Witch - Leisure cover
Exclusive preview of Graham's new short story, 'Cheeseboy' now available to download from the Fiction section.
A group of French readers have banded together to form a Facebook group to encourage French publishers to bring out Graham's newer novels in the French language. Click here to find out more.

Taken For Dead (the fourth Katie Maguire crime thriller) has now been published in Poland. This is the cover:

Taken For Dead - Polish cover
In Graham's words: 'I expect you can understand that I do not usually make charitable appeals on Facebook, mainly because there are so many deserving charities and I already make my own contributions to cancer research and to orphans and abused children.

'I am making an exception for little Marcelinka who was born with eye cancer and needs specialist surgery in the United States to save her eyes. Even a very small donation will help towards the $500,000 cost of her surgery.'

Click here to find out more and make a donation.

Marcelinka appeal
As of today, Wednesday 06/01/16, House of Bones is number #1 on the Kindle Horror Bestseller List. Well done Graham!

House of Bones cover

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