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Welcome to the news section of the site. I aim to update this page as often as possible as soon as relevant information becomes available to me. So, please send your snippets of Masterton-related news this way. I will also consider using reviews of the author's books written by the fans, as well as photographs that you think Graham's fans might wish to see. These might include photos taken with the man himself, pictures of your bookshelves (I hope to launch an image gallery in the near future), articles you've written or any other miscellaneous items you think this site might benefit from displaying. Please contact me with your proposals. I look forward to your contributions.

From Graham: 'This is Dawn and me raising money for Cancer Research. The only trouble was, nobody semed to notice that we looked any different from usual!'
Dawn & Graham - DressupDawn & Graham - Dressup
Below is the cover for the fourth Katie Maguire novel, Taken For Dead, which will be published on February 12 2015.
Taken For Dead cover (Katie Maguire 4)
Graham recently penned a foreword to a new Polish (Replika) edition of Descendant which you can read here.
Replika in Poland are bringing out an anthology of short horror stories by various writers including Graham's story 'Night of the Wendigo', based on the scary Native Amercian demon who follows you around two inches behind you wherever you go but is still behind you even if you turn around suddenly. The collection is called Faces of Horror.
Faces of Horror-Polish
Below is an advance look at the cover for Graham's new short story collection from Severn House, Figures of Fear, due out at the end of October 2014. It includes the aforementioned 'Night of the Wendigo', as well as some completely new ones.
Figures of Fear-Severn House
White Bones will be published in the Czech Republic this October by Host Publishers.

Graham visited the Czech Republic last month to do a promotional film for Czech TV and that will be shown to coincide with publication.

This is the cover. Host will also be publishing Broken Angels.

White Bones (Czech cover)
Graham's short story 'Beholder' is included in a new German anthology Visionarium (Stories of Magic and Fear). This is the Kindle cover:
Visionarium (German anthology cover) 2014
Here's a link about Graham's visit to the children's home in Gorzec, Poland, for which he has been raising money.
In Graham's own words: 'Wyklety (The Pariah) is published on September 2 by Rebis. I love the cover! Well spooky! Just like my own house!'
The Pariah (Polish cover) 2014
Graham has been invited to Strasbourg on March 7/8 2015 to sign books and give a master-class in 'how to write horror'. This is the poster.
So British Poster, Strasbourg, March 2015
This is the poster for the LiteraTura Festival that Graham will be attending in Sztrelin, Poland August 22nd - 25th.

On August 22 Graham will be signing books in Wroclaw. More details as they become available.

LiteraTura Festival, Poland, August 2014
Endeavour Books, one of the largest independent digital book publishers, are publishing Graham's historical novel Silver this week.
Silver - Ebook edn.
Replika Publishers in Poland are about to bring out a new edition of Graham's thriller Holy Terror, under the title Sekta.

Graham has written a new introduction for it, which explains its origins in the devastating worldwide Spanish Flu epidemic of 1916 ... and how the virus managed to survive until the present day, even more dangerous than ever.

Holy Terror - Polish edition
Graham was featured on the front page of Fakty Bialystok magazine this month. See pics below!
GM in Fakty Bialystok magazine
Rook - Polish edition
Here it is, unveiled on April 23 2014, the Graham Masterton park bench in Planty, in Krakow. It has a QR symbol on it which enables anyone who sits on it to hear Graham reading from his novel Bassilisk which was partly set in Krakow. To listen, click here.
GM Park Bench, Krakow
Below is an advance look at the cover for Graham's new short story collection from Severn House, Figures of Fear, due out around October 2014.
Figures of Fear-Severn House
Here it is, unveiled on April 23 2014, the Graham Masterton park bench in Planty, in Krakow. It has a QR symbol on it which enables anyone who sits on it to hear Graham reading from his novel Bassilisk which was partly set in Krakow. To listen, click here.
GM Park Bench, Krakow
This is the announcement on Libertine Films' website that Walkers is 'in-development.' It has been retitled it The Oaks.
The Oaks story - Walkers to be filmed
From Graham: 'I shall be visiting Bialystok in north-eastern Poland between April 11 - 13 for a literary festival. I shall be talking to readers and signing book. I will be visiting other cities but I have not received the full itinerary.' Below is the poster for the Bialystok event.
Bialystok poster, Poland, April 2014
This is a proof cover of Graham's new Katie Maguire crime novel, Red Light, which will be published by Head of Zeus on June 5. It concerns sex trafficking in Cork, and (of course) a few grisly murders!
Red Light - hardback edition
Rook will be published by Replika in Poland on April 2. This is the cover.
Rook - Polish edition
Brush up your Polish and read Graham's interview in the new issue of Polish horror magazine, Horror Masakra.
Horror Masakra - Polish horror magazine
Graham's novel Forest Ghost (Panika in Polish) has been awarded this year's Zloty Koscviej (Golden Bones) plaque for Best Horror Novel of 2013. This is the second year running that Graham has been given this distinction ... last year he received a plaque for The Red Hotel.

Congratulations, Graham!

Golden Bones award, 2013 (Polish)
This is a selection of covers from up-and-coming titles for this year from Albatros in Warsaw. They include Jessica's Angel (aka The Hidden World); The Devils of D-Day; Drought; Ghost Music; Broken Angels; The 5th Witch; Community and two Jim Rook novels, Demon's Door and The Terror.
Jessica's Angel (Polish edn.)
Below is a sneap peak at the cover of Graham's forthcoming novel, Drought. It will be published in May 2014.

Please note that while the tagline says 'supernatural' this is only a line the artist used to show where the lettering will go. It is in fact a non-supernatural out-and-out-disaster novel similar to Graham's previous novels Plague and Famine.

Below is the cover of the forthcoming third Katie Maguire novel, Red Light. It will be published on June 5 by Head of Zeus and will also be available in Kindle format.
red Light (Katie Maguire, book 3)
Below are are the final covers for the Albatros editions of two of Graham's sagas which will come out during the course of 2014. Actual publication dates when we get them.
Empress - Polish coverRich-Polish cover
From Graham: 'This is me with Marysia at her wedding to Stan in Warsaw. Marysia gave me the incentive to write Community at a time when I was finding it difficult to get back into writing after Wiescka passed away. I would write a chapter every day and email it to her in Warsaw and she would read it that night and tell me what she thought of it. She was absolutely brilliant and I was really pleased when she found Stan. The wedding was very moving and the reception was a riot!'
Marysia's wedding - with Graham Masterton
Just in from Graham: 'Broken Angels has at last passed Gone Girl and made to # 1 on the Amazon Kindle Crime Bestseller List.

'I would like to say how much I appreciate all the enthusiasm and loyalty I have had from readers over the years. There is much more to come!'

Says Graham: 'I signed new and backlist books at the Cancer Research UK Shop in Purley, Surrey, this afternoon (October 26). We had a great turnout of really nice people in spite of the rain. My corner of the shop was decorated by the manager Dawn Harris with cobwebs and bats and punpkins and a fearsome-looking rat (stuffed). My thanks to Dawn and all of her staff and everybody who cane out on a very wet day to raise a lot of money for charity. This is me and Dawn, who dressed very soberly for the occasion!'
Graham & Dawn Harris, 26/10/13, Purley, Surrey
Below is the cover of the (re-published) Replika edition of Graham's novel, The Chosen Child, a story based on the Polish uprising at the end of World War Two when resistance fighters used the sewers to make their way around Warsaw and attack German forces.
The Chosen Child - Polish
Below is the cover of a forthcoming Rebis (Polish) edition of Graham's novel, Night Warriors. This will shortly be followed by the rest of the Night Warriors series.
Forest Ghost - Polish
Read a new and exclusive fragment from a novel that Graham and William Burroughs were going to write together. The chapter supplied is called Gossamer John and can be found in the Fiction section.
Below is the cover of a forthcoming Severn House hardback edition of Graham's novel, Forest Ghost, due for publication in November 2013.
Forest Ghost
Below is the cover of a forthcoming collection of short stories from Replika Press in Poland, Thirteen Scars which includes Graham's golden oldie story of teenage erotica, 'In Defense of Roger Herrings'.
Thirteen Scars collection (Polish)
In Graham's words: 'More photographic evidence of how arduous it is being an author ... me with a devoted reader at the Kraskon Festival in Krakow on July 25'.
Graham and fan, Kraskon Festival, July 25 2013
Check out the excellent artwork of Dirk Berger, in particular the inner illustrations for the German (Festa-Verlag) publication of Bestialisch by Graham Masterton.
This is the promotional page from Koobe.pl, the Polish ebook publishers for Graham's new ebooks in Polish: Spirit, Garden of Evil, The 5th Witch, The Red Hotel, The Devil In Gray and two sex books.
Polish ebooks promo - Koobe.pl
Below, the covers of two golden oldies which are about to be re-released in Poland by Rebis with new covers to coincide with Graham's visit to Krakow at the end of July. Charnel House and Heirloom.
Charnel House - Polish coverHeirloom-Polish cover
These are the front cover and the full jacket illustratuion for Bestialisch (Beastly), a collection of some of Graham's more extreme short stories in German produced by Festa Verlag. It is a signed and numbered limited edityion of 666 copies only. It includes 'Eric The Pie', 'Sepsis', 'Son of Beast' and 'Heorine', amongst others. Details of how to purchase as and when they become available.
Bestialisch - book coverBestialisch - sleeve jacket
Below is an advance look at the cover of the paperback edition of the first Katie Maguire novel, White Bones, which will be coming out in September to coincide with the hardback and ebook versions of the second Maguire novel, Broken Angels.
White Bones paperback cover
See below for the forthcoming Albatros Polish covers of (l to r, top row) Garden of Evil, Jessica's Angel, Devils of D-Day, (l to r, second row) The 5th Witch and Drought. More details as they become available.
Garden of Evil (Polish edn.)Jessica's Angel (Polish edn.)Devils of D-Day (Polish edn.)
The 5th Witch (Polish edn.)Drought (Polish edn.)
Below is the cover of the Polish edition of Garden of Evil which is being published by Albatros on July 12 to coincide with Graham's visit to Krakow in July. Panika (Forest Ghost) will be published by Rebis at the same time.
Garden of Evil - Polish book cover
Below is the Head of Zeus finished artwork for the second Katie Maguire novel, Broken Angels which is due out in September. At the same time the first Maguire novel, White Bones comes out in paperback. White Bones will be published in Ireland in October with a special front-of-store promotion from Eason's and a promotional price of 5.90 EUR.
Broken Angels book cover
White Bones is now available as an audio book from AudioGo. This is the cover:
White Bones audio book cover
From Graham: 'This is the cover for the Rebis edition of Panika (Forest Ghost), which will be published in Poland on June 12.

'The English-language edition will appear from Severn House either later this year or early 2014. The story is based on the panic that people can feel when they find themselves in the woods all alone.'

Forest Ghost - Polish cover
Just in from Graham: 'On May 25, at School No.1 on Brwinow Street, Pilsudski 11, Poland, my friend Piotr Pocztarek will be talking about my favorite subject, ME. This is part of the fantasy and gaming convention Brwikon.' More info here.
Potega Seksu (The Power of Sex), one of Graham's enormously popular sex instruction manuals, will be published by Rebis in Poland on April 23rd. Cover below.
The Power of Sex - Polish cover
Check out what Graham got up to in a recent Polish fantasy convention (move slider to 3:55)...
From Graham: 'Yes, it's back at last! Poland's biggest-selling sex manual, Magia Seksu is being re-released by Rebis Publishing. (It was published in the US and UK as How To Drive Your Man Wild in Bed). So long as you understand Polish, your love life will never be dull again!'

You can also purchase an English language copy from the UK Amazon.

How To Drive Your Man Wild in Bed - Polish cover
Replika will be publishing Death Trance in Poland in April. The cover is below.
Death Trance - Polish cover
Here's Graham signing his latest release, White Bones at Goldsboro Books in Cecil Court, off St Martin's Lane in London on Friday 1st March 2013. He signed over 100 copies!
White Bones signing, Goldsboro Books 01/03/13, London
Graham will be visiting the Pyrkon Fantasy Convention in Poznan, in Poland, from March 22 - 24. The day before he will be in Warsaw for TV interviews and promotion.
Here's the cover for the forthcoming Severn House Publishing hardback of Community. You can preorder it here. More details when we have them!
Community cover
This is the cover for the Albatros edition of Drought, to be published in Poland later this year.
Drought - Polish cover

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