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NB: GM series reading order guide from BooksSeriesInOrder.com here.

Welcome to the bibliography. This has been designed with ease of navigation in mind. You shouldn't have any trouble locating information - whether on editions or plot synopsis (if that information is available) - but to make things as simple as possible I've included links that take you back to where you started, just in case you get lost along the way! (alternatively just click on the bibliography button and you will be returned to the menu). Clicking on a broad category - e.g. Historical Sagas - will bring up a list of all books by the author in that category. By clicking on editions you will bring up biographical information (and a chance to order said title by clicking on the amazon.co.uk link), plus the cover (usually the British edition). Click on the cover to bring up plot details. It's as simple as that.

This checklist is intended to give collectors and dealers an idea of the wealth of Graham Masterton material available in both English and foreign-language editions. In order to keep it relatively simple it does not include such details as book size, page count, cover artist etc.; neither does it include re-prints or re-jackets, except where the title changed, or where by a different publisher or imprint. This listing covers publications up to the present date and is, by necessity, incomplete (even the author does not have copies of all of his own volumes). The authors welcome all corrections and additions, and hope to update this information in any subsequent versions of Manitou Man. Prices are only included prices where they appear on the covers of the books.

The following abbreviations are used:
(hc): hardcover; (pb): paperback; [ ]: alternative title; t: translator.
*Click on a cover to bring up plot synopsis.

**NB: You can access both new and second-hand edns. of Graham Masterton's novels by clicking on the Amazon link underneath each book cover. Most of Graham's books are available to order, though older edns. are usually second-hand. Each Amazon link will direct you to the relevant (usually PB) version of Graham's book(s). Happy hunting!

Thanks in preparing this bibliography go to Alain Sprauel, the Locus on-line index http://www.sff.net/locus/, Sweet Despise http://www.eclipse.co.uk/sweetdespise/masterton/, and especially Graham Masterton for throwing open his library to inspection.

Taken from Manitou Man, ©1998. Used by permission.
*Updated by Graham Masterton & Matt Williams.